Mark A. Blaser, M.D.

Phone Number:

(309) 779-4222

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday by appointment.

Allergy Injection Hours:

Monday: 8-4:00 pm  
Tuesday: 8-4:00 pm  
Wednesday: 8-5:00 pm  
Thursday: 8-4:00 pm  
Friday No injections  





Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa

8-2:00 pm

Medical School:

University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa

Pediatrics Residency:

Children's Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois

Allergy/Immunology Fellowship:

Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois


American Board of Allergy and Immunology 1993; recertified 2003, 2013

American Board of Pediatrics 1989, recertified 1998


American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)


Trinity Medical Center

Outside Interests:

I must confess that I enjoy wine. If you had four daughters in college or graduate education, you would probably enjoy wine as well! My wife and I center our vacations on visiting National Parks, but otherwise have focused on raising our girls. If given a few hours of quiet, I will probably be found detailing my cars and catching up on newspapers. My larger projects involve medical missions and I have been to Jamaica, Belize, and most recently have lead mission trips to Haiti.  

Any true feelings of why you are a doctor and why you deserve a patient's trust to care for them?

I have practiced full-time allergy/immunology at Medical Arts since 1991, so "word of mouth" is my best advertisement. My nurses (all RNs) are experienced and capable. Someone, even after hours, always answers the phone, and you won't be told to hang up and call 911 before listening to a list of phone tree options. I manage my schedule to make it pretty easy to get in when you are sick. Allergy problems come when they come, and don't always follow a schedule. I expect a fair amount of randomness in my allergy practice. I especially enjoy the teaching aspect of allergy because there is a tremendous amount of misinformation floating around, and knowledge is power.


Do you have an office in Iowa?

No, but I am only nine minutes from the foot of the I-74 bridge.

How are you with children?

Great. Ask anyone.

How are you with adults?

Nobody's perfect. My humor can be a little dry.

Are skin tests painful?

Not really. I use a small plastic device like a sharp toothpick to prick the skin and results are available in 15 minutes. For kids, it doesn't involve needles or injections. Adults may require tests by skin injections. Each situation varies and I can perform tests individually based on your history.

What about blood tests for allergy?

They are useful when properly ordered and accurately interpreted. That is part of my specialty. For accuracy, skin tests remain the "gold standard" or most accurate method.

Can I get in when I'm sick?

I do my best because I don't like being sick either. That, and I'm a bit of a "softie" when it comes to sick kids.

Who treats patients in your clinic?

Me. Always. Board certified and over 20 years of experience each visit.

What about after hours?

The calls go straight to my answering service. They text me and I call you. Me. Always. Even on vacation! It works.