Directions to Laboratory and Radiology Services

Simple Directions

Medical Arts Associates, Ltd. laboratory and radiology are on the 2nd floor in the Trinity 7th Street Campus within Suite 200.


Detailed Directions

You have been scheduled for diagnostic testing at Medical Arts main office. The main office is located in Trinity's 7th Street Campus building at 600 John Deere Road in Moline. The entrance to the parking lot is opposite Target's on 7th Street or from the rear of the building on 52nd Avenue. You should enter the main entrance under the tallest tower. Choose a convenient parking spot or avail yourself to the free valet parking by pulling up to the door.

Medical Arts and Trinity have duplicate diagnostic services. Your tests are scheduled within Medical Arts Associates, Ltd. If you choose the stairway you can go almost straight ahead into the suite. If you choose the elevators two left turns lead to the main entrance of Medical Arts Associates, Ltd.